School Uniform

School Uniform

On all class days and at school functions, the children are expected to wear the uniform prescribed for the season.

Summer Uniform :

Boys :

(LKG – CLASS V) White shirt, Check half pants (Class VI till Class X) Sky Blue coat-collar bushshirt with school emblem , German Blue half pants , German Blue pants , (Class XI onwards) Grey pants , Black shoes (without heels) and white socks , School belt , Sky blue turban or patka for Sikhs

Girls : (till Class V)

Same as above except :
Sky Blue blouse , German Blue skirts

Girls : (Class VI onwards)

Sky Blue/German Blue Salwar Kameez with jacket till Class X, Salwar Kameez with German Blue Dupatta for Class XI onwards.

Winter Uniform :

Boys :

White shirt , Black pants ,Black shoes (without heels) and grey socks , School belt and tie till Class X ,School belt and cravat from Class XI onwards, Sky blue turban or patka for Sikhs , Maroon blazer with school crest , maroon pullover (V – necked)

Girls :

Same as above.

P.T. Uniform :

Boys & Girls:

White shirt , White pants ,White socks , White canvas shoes.